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Welcome to StreetToWear – We love Dickies clothing, that’s why we have created a true paradise for Dickies lovers.
Our ambition is to offer the best Dickies selection online in Europe, both in terms of styles, sizes and colors. The range stretches wide from the original Bib Overall, introduced by the Williamson Dickie Company in 1922, to the newly arrived ‘67 skate collection which features the ultimate Skater pant – the Wp894 Industrial Work Pant with its mechanical stretch functionality that allows tough strain and great durability.

We have developed a web shop with great usability where you easily find the Dickies garment you’re searching for. You also have the opportunity to explore our great assortment which features more than thirty different Dickies T-shirts and more than twenty pant styles.

At StreetToWear - you will be able to shop all Dickies styles from the European Dickies Collection at Great prices and we always thrive to extend our Dickies assortment.  

Katuosoitteessamme ei ole tavallista jälleenmyyntiliikettä, vain asiakaspalvelumme ja varastomme. Toimistollamme asiointa varten sinun tulee sopia tapaaminen kanssamme -huomioithan, että varastoltamme ei ole mahdollista ostaa tuotteita suoraan.